April 13, 2021


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Motorcycle trading, motorcycle imports and motorcycle exports as a career path

Have you ever thought of working in the motorcycle trading business? I personally hadn’t even thought about such a business before I quit my job and was just very lucky to stumble upon a random article about this subject! But that’s another story for another day. Long story short, similar to many of you I also didn’t know that such a job even exists. Not that I didn’t know it exists. But to be honest I had never thought about doing such a thing for a job. But if you’re someone like me who loves motorcycles and enjoys keeping themselves up to date with the latest trends related to motorcycles, then you might want to think about it. You can work in motorcycle trading in general or focus on motorcycle imports, motorcycle exports or just trading motorcycles domestically.

I chose to focus on motorcycle imports

At first when I myself got into this business I was doing a little bit of everything. I was importing motorcycles, exporting motorcycles, and also trading motorcycles domestically. But then after a while I realized that I’m not really doing exceptionally great in any of these areas. It wasn’t that I wasn’t doing well. But I thought I’d rather be great at doing one of these things than just be doing ok in all of them. I realized that each of these fields is a completely specialized field in itself. And the only way to be able way for me to compete with the best in the business was to focus on one area that I thought I could be better at and dig deeper into that area. And so I decided to focus all my time and energy and expertise solely on motorcycle imports.


Why I focused on motorcycle imports?

I personally find motorcycle imports so much more intriguing and I have a well justified reason for this. I am in love with learning and knowing about all sorts of different motorcycles and all the new trends that come to the market. When you’re trading domestic bikes or exporting motorcycles, you only get to work with a limited range of motorcycles. But when you are importing motorcycles the number of options for you to work with are huge. You don’t have to work with only a few brands or styles and models that are popular in your country. You can see what motorcycles may have a good market in your own country and import them from wherever you want. You have the entire world at your disposal!