April 13, 2021


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Discovering the US on a Budget

The US is said to be home to some of the most expensive travel destinations worldwide. Despite this popular opinion, budget travelers can still travel throughout the country without having to spend much. After all, it is ranked as one of the biggest countries globally by landmass and hosts various cities worth exploring. Just a look at flights to big cities, including Los Angeles, Washington Dc, among others, will surprise you at how cheap they can be. Accommodation is also affordable, with a couple of attractions that are even free to visit. This leaves travelers with quite a variety to choose from. Cheaper means of travel such as motorbikes are available with many where to rent motorcycles sites emerging. Budget travelers can look on sites such as Rad Power Bikes, where they can find equipment that can be helpful, especially if they opt to ride a motorbike. Below are some of the tips that can help you discover the US on budget.

1.  Take advantage of free attractions

From galleries and parks to events and tours, each city in America has its fair share of free to visit attractions. As a budget traveler, you need to have an open mind and do your research thoroughly.  Some cities ranked to have free attractions include Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Washington D.C, Houston, New Orleans, and Kansas City. Also,various museums in the US offer discounts, including free admissions all through the week. Beaches and Markets are a great chance to familiarize themselves with the local culture, including various festivals.

 2.  Consider grocery stores

When you are on a budget, finding quality and affordable meals is vital. Not unless you choose to visit smart, budget-minded dining locations, including Austin, Houston, and Kansas, chances are that grocery stores and farmers market will be your choice. As compared to other destinations globally, such as Europe, the USA has relatively low grocery prices. This was especially the case when you got access to cooking facilities. When out, ensure that your bags are packed with healthy snacks and fresh fruits, and thus you’ll not have to stop at expensive fast-food chains and expensive restaurants. Another option that is cheap and tempting is street food in the US. However, it is essential to note that you must avoid potential poisoning when purchasing street foods. One good advice to follow is to go for food from the tracks and stalls with locals’ longest queue.

 3.  Go Camping

For travelers on a budget in the US, they can always cut their costs by opting for camping. There are multiple inexpensive and free campsites in the country’s forests and national parks, having decent facilities, including showers, drinking water, and toilets. Consider buying an annual $80 pass through USGS, which offers over 2,000 federal recreation sites for long-term travel. Those planning for about $20 to $40 a night can go for the country’s privately owned parks. They are usually well equipped with laundry facilities, hot shower, WI-FI, swimming pools, and convenience stores.

 4.  Opt for Train and Bus travel

Air travel is the most comfortable and fastest way to travel in the major US cities; however, buses and trains prove to be cheaper options and will also ensure you have a more comprehensive view of the American scene as you travel. There are various bus transportation companies in the country, with the largest national bus transportation service Greyhound, serving more than 3,700 destinations throughout north-America. Amtrak, on the other hand, is famous for offering coast-to-coast trips with value.

 5.  Consider alternative airports

A majority of the US major cities are served by alternative airports, which are typically low cost than the main airports. If you are a budget traveler whose final destination is outside of a major city, always go for the option of flying to an outlying airport that will leave you closer to your goal. There you’ll not have to spend much on the bus or taxi that will drive you to your final destination.

 6.  Pack light.

 If everything you require for the trip can fit in a single bag, do it. If your luggage is too much, re-evaluate and only carry what is most important for the trip. Light luggage is usually excused checked-bag fees, which overall end up to huge savings. The most important tip that can help have light luggage is to have a pack list, which will help eliminate anything that is not essential for the trip.

In conclusion, while online sites may frighten you of how the US travel destinations are expensive. This is not always the case; instead, a budget traveler can find many destinations to visit in the country. Review sites such as a review site can help find reputable platforms to get travel essentials on a budget.