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There was a pause, a fade, and then the video ended, and Syrana made a muffled sound, pausing in her actions long enough to bring up the next video, the Arcanine one. Colin wrapped his arms around Syrana, and then helped her to bounce on him, attaining a new speed of movement before he arched and shuddered beneath her, thick cock throbbing, and she tensed up and went rigid, crying out in renewed orgasm as thick, gooey spurts of his cum splattered across her insides, rapidly pooling in her tight tailhole, and beginning to drool out of her gripping body a she groaned and ground her hips against him to milk the last of his thick cum out of his body. Colin just rolled his eyes and shook his head. She rolled her eyes. Pump your hot spunk deep in my tight ass! If you're not in the mood, you will be

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