69-year-old serial robber arrested on his bicycle after police say he stole cash from Stillwater gas station

STILLWATER, Okla. (KFOR) – A 69-year-old career criminal is back behind bars after robbing a Stillwater convenience store and taking off on his bicycle with the money in hand.

Stillwater police say Daniel Farrow claimed he had a gun and demanded cash Monday afternoon at the OnCue near 14th Avenue and Perkins.

“Stillwater 911, where is your emergency?” the 911 dispatch said.

“Uh, we just had a robbery,” the clerk said on the 911 call.

It’s a plan police say Farrow has stuck to for decades.

“It was an older gentleman,” the clerk said.

“Did he have a weapon,” dispatch asked.

“Yes,” the clerk said. “At least it seemed like it. He had a gun in his pocket.”

The convicted serial robber is accused of walking in Monday afternoon dressed in a black hood over his head and a blue mask.

“Ummmm, he was fleeing on a bike,” the clerk said.

According to the clerk, the robbery happened in a matter of minutes.

Detectives showed up to scope out the surveillance video. Footage revealed Farrow took off going south on Perkins on his bike, allegedly heading straight to a familiar face.

“I was in shock when it happened,” Rod Elswick said. “He had been doing so good.”

Rod Elswick tells KFOR he calls Farrow a friend of his.

Elswick says the two were even together minutes before the robbery, but claims Farrow never mentioned a word about his plan.

“All he said was ‘see you later’ and left,” Elswick said.

According to court records, the 69-year-old’s success with escaping has been slim to none. Farrow was caught a few blocks away by Stillwater Police on 16th Avenue, riding a black mountain bike.

The suspect now sits in the Payne County Detention Center.

Farrow has been in and out of prison since the 90s for burglary, assault and robbery.

“He’s going to die in prison,” Elswick said. “I wish he wouldn’t, but that’s where he will.”

According to the Payne County District Attorney, Farrow could face a sentence of 30 years to life. He is charged with robbery by fear after former conviction of a felony.

It’s still unclear how much cash Farrow took.


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